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What is Mentorink?

Mentorink is a personalized online mentoring platform that aims to bring university students and young professionals together.

Considering each and every person’s individual profile and personal development needs, Mentorink enables;

  • Strong mentoring relationships between university students and young professionals,
  • Academic, personal and professional development for both mentors and mentees through online “smart mentoring” applications.
Selected Mentors
Continuous Development
Selected Mentees
Personalized Mentoring Relationships

1. Mentorink creates a community of mentors who have a successful background and an open heart to share experiences.

2. Mentees who show desire to develop are then selected and matched with best mentors using smart matching algorithms.

4. Smart monitoring and continuous feedback collection ensures guaranteed development of mentors and mentees.

3. Mentorink provides an online curriculum and tools for a 15 week mentoring period.

Smart Matching

Complete your profile by answering creative questions and filling out our personality test!

Mentorink will find the best-fit mentor/mentee match according to your strengths, interest areas and personal needs.

Smart Content

Start your sessions now with the help of our guiding questions and personalized content (e.g. inspiring videos, articles etc.)

Mentorink provides a personalized curriculum based on your profile and interest areas for 15 weeks. It will enable to have access to inspiring content and a good basis to have your mentoring conversations.

Smart Monitoring

Track your development progress and receive continuous feedback!

Mentorink will help you shape your future plans by smart content and guiding questions. In addition, smart monitoring tools will enable you to track your progress.

What are the benefits?

Recent research has shown that,

  • 60% of university students reported mentoring as one of the critical success factors on their professional and personal development
  • People who have been Mentors and/or Mentees are 5 times more successful in their careers than others.

In order to make mentoring accessible and available for everyone, Mentorink establishes,

  • A community of selected mentors and make them accessible for everyone.
  • Re-defines mentoring relationships from boring one-way experience sharing model to a 2-ways learning and development journey together with the help of online applications..
  • Improving leadership skills by active listening, target setting, providing guidance and giving feedback.
  • Learning continuously about new trends and interest areas.
  • Reaching social satisfaction through adding value to other’s growth and happiness.
  • Shaping your future through learning from others who have been going through similar situations.
  • Gathering experience, tools and advice to realize your dreams.
  • Having role models who can inspire you.
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Success Story - Emel & Ebru

We could connect immediately with my mentor from the moment we met. I feel privileged to have such a sincere and professional role model who can prepare me for life after college. If I did not meet her, I would not know how to cope with uncertainties and challenges I have encountered in my life. One of the concrete examples of her support was helping me find my first internship position. However, our relationship was not only about career opportunities, but also about other topics in which we could talk, share, learn from each other and grow together. It has been such an enriching experience for me therefore I cannot wait to be mentor to a university student in near future.


What users say about Mentorink

Since I have started studying, everybody told me to find a good mentor. However, I had no idea where to find one and what to do with my mentor. Mentorink has been “the place” for me to answer these questions and change my life.

Hande Ersan, Industrial Engineering Student - Mentee

Working together with a person who was in the same situation as you, thus could answer all your questions, is such a great experience for my personal and professional development. He is not only a mentor to me, he is a life-long partner.

Mert Akçay, Financial Analyst - Mentee

It is important for me to add value to others life through sharing experiences. Experience becomes meaningful only if you share them and make them useful for others. It has such a return of investments as well because I felt my leadership skills have improved tremendously after being a mentor.

Ergin Güngör, Marketing Manager - Mentor

As an educational institution, we pay high attention to networking, experience sharing and mentoring among our members, particularly between university students and young professionals. Mentorink has been an innovative and user friendly solution for us to manage our mentoring program with online tools.

Başak Yılmaz - Education Director in an NGO - Mentor

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